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Despite all the talk these days that anyone can lead, many still believe deep down that only a select few can really lead or that you must be born a leader.

There is a simple, yet often overlooked KEY to unlocking your full potential as a leader – to become the kind of leader YOU want to be – and to lead the way for others to do the same.

It begins with busting the myth once and for all that only a select few can REALLY lead.

This key will unlock your power to elevate your leadership, as well as the leadership of others immediately regardless of where you are starting from.

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Jennifer V. Miller   |   21 May 2013   |   Reply


This is a fantastic resource! I love how you’ve boiled it down into a SIMPLE formula. Leadership isn’t simple, but you have found a way help all leaders master three daily actions to grow as a leader. I will use this every day!

Thank you!

Tagrid Sihly   |   03 June 2013   |   Reply

Thank you for sharing this easy to follow, enlightening report. There are many valuable ideas here but I especially like how you established that it is not enough to be able to define leadership but to actually materialize it through our everyday behaviors. By focusing on what leadership looks like we identify the behaviors and actions that distinguish great leaders. I like how you compare acts of leadership to acts of kindness. When committing an act of kindness you do it with the intention of helping others in some way and the result is rewarding for both parties. As you indicate, the same is true for acts of leadership. Successful leaders lead with the purpose of helping and empowering others to grow whether or not they hold an official leadership title. Their growth and success is reflective of the inevitable success of the leader. As you indicate, “You don’t have to be THE leader to be a leader.” And I believe that is the big idea of this report- when we start to think of leadership in simple terms we will be able to identify our own leadership when it’s driven by purpose, commitment and authenticity.

Dan Forbes   |   24 June 2013   |   Reply

Susan, I just finished reading your FREE Report and I think you’re crazy. You’re crazy putting this out there for FREE!

I loved the Red Car Theory of Leadership. That’s a story I’ll use.

I also like practical advice, not just theory. Your report is easy to read and filled with lots of practical advice. In fact, I’m going to read this more than once.

I suggest that anyone aspiring to be a leader grab this report now.

Kevin Hoehn   |   21 August 2013   |   Reply

I really enjoyed your approach to the leadership question. I heard recently 3 books per day are published on how to lead. I like you statement where the definition of leadership never made one a leader instantly. However you know it when you see it, like in the book “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell. I will have to track down the newspaper clipping “To remember me…” that your Dad left.
I do a leadership talk called True North. The premise is everyone is a leader. The leaders with a title are big L’s, but everyone is a little L so to speak. Everyone leads somewhere. I related to your concept of perception as in a lens.
For me the three steps speak up, step up, and stand up transform one into a leader when you do these things when you don’t have to.
Finally walk your talk is leadership 101. I would refer you to what Colin Powell and Dick Winters (Band of Brothers)say about leadership.
Very well written. Thank you for sharing.

Susan Mazza   |   22 August 2013   |   Reply

Thank you Kevin! Really appreciate your feedback and the dimensions you add here.

Now I’ll have to go look up what Colin Powell and Dick Winters have to say about leadership.